Ashford & Wriston’s associates placed a respectable 47th, out of 150 other teams, in the 2012 Hawaii Challenge Ultimate Urban Scavenger Hunt, held recently in downtown Honolulu. Competing as the “A&W Ocean Monkeys,” the associates finished with a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes and 4 seconds.

Armed with only their wits and smartphones, the associates raced through downtown Honolulu deciphering clues that required them to salute the Liberty Bell in front of the Capitol building, build a human pyramid on the grounds of Iolani Palace, and even spell out the letters “H-N-L” in front of Kawaiahao Church as the clock tower struck a precise time.

The clues also forced the associates to spot a license plate containing the letter “Z,” convince an out-of-state resident to take a photo with them (agreed to by a gentleman from Virginia), and finally track down a Japanese boat captain.

Although the associates’ final time did not qualify them for Nationals, there is always next year!