Working at A&W

Our values of responsiveness, resourcefulness and respect are woven into the day-to-day practices of our firm. We pride ourselves on delivering on our clients’ needs, when they need us. Our attorneys are smart, agile and have the determination and wherewithal to do whatever it takes to advocate for our clients. And while law firms can often be high-pressure environments, one thing that sets Ashford & Wriston apart is the respect that we have for our colleagues. We check our egos at the door and work together to get the best results for our clients.

We are a mid-sized firm, so our attorneys — especially those new in their careers — have the opportunity to work on a range of matters and with a variety of team members.

We are always looking to meet good people, so if this environment sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to contact us.  


Summer Associate Program

The purpose of our summer associate program is to provide law students and members of our firm with an opportunity to become acquainted with the real-world practice of law. The firm makes every effort to expose summer associates to those areas of practice in which they are most interested, and we seek opportunities to give them firsthand experience in law practice by allowing them to attend trials, hearings, depositions and conferences with our attorneys and clients.

Associate Program

Associates are given an opportunity to work in all areas of our practice and with all of the partners of the firm. Associates are encouraged to take an active role in business development efforts and we provide training and support to assist them.

Associates are generally considered for admission to partnership after they have been with us for seven to eight years. Performance evaluations are given at least annually, and the firm takes an active interest in ensuring that each associate is performing up to his or her full potential.

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